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by Braden posted Oct 15 2013 5:25PM
The latest in home cleaning products... THE SWISKER!

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by Braden posted Oct 9 2013 3:35PM
What could be better than another night of football? How about Tuesday Night Football... Brad Paisley thinks so!

Brad Paisley recently shared with Jimmy Kimmel his new theme song open for Tuesday Night Football. Check it out!

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by Braden posted Oct 4 2013 5:41PM
Did you have that one house on your street that you swore was haunted when you were a kid? Well, you might have been closer to the truth than you thought!

With Halloween almost on our doorstep, let's take a look at some of America's most haunted houses! Click here!

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by Braden posted Oct 3 2013 2:29PM
Luke Bryan went fishing... and well... things didn't go too well.

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