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by Braden posted Jul 23 2013 5:49PM
I am a huge Jimmy Buffett fan, so I am super excited for this one. Check out the CMT world video premiere of Jimmy Buffett and Toby Keith's new video for "Too Drunk To Karaoke!" Quite possibly my new anthem for the summer!

Or check it out here:
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by Braden posted Jul 22 2013 4:56PM
We keep the music going this week at Celebrate Virginia Live with Scotty McCreery on Friday night, July 26th. So as we gear up for Scotty, I thought it would be fun to discover "10 Things We Didn't Know About Scotty McCreery." Here is some fun facts with help from our friends at

10. Music Isn’t His College Major

At one point, Scotty McCreery indicated that he might major in engineering at N.C. State University, but the singer instead decided to focus on communications and public relations, two areas of study that will help his career as a country music star. McCreery decorated his new off-campus house with a big deer head (a friend’s) and he says he uses a ‘Rocky’ poster to inspire him when he’s down.

9. His Funny Microphone Grip Comes From the Baseball Diamond

How could we forget Scotty McCreery‘s flute-like microphone grip from the early rounds of ‘American Idol’? A choir director of his suggested his strange hold was because he always sang into a crooked neck microphone, but the 19-year-old says it isn’t that simple. “I don’t know what the heck that was,” McCreery tells the Boston Globe. “I think it’s just because I’m used to pitching, and that’s how I hold the ball in the glove with the limp wrist in the glove. I never held a mic before ‘American Idol.’”

8. The Cross Isn’t His Only Important Piece of Jewelry

The cross around Scotty McCreery‘s neck has become more famous than the bracelet around his wrist, maybe because it was the necklace he turned to after Lady Gaga gave him sensational advice on ‘American Idol.’ However, the words ‘I am second’ — a deference to God — are scrolled into his wrist-wear.

7. He Wanted to Be an Astronaut

Perhaps Scotty McCreery considered the engineering program at N.C. State University because he hadn’t given up on his space dreams. In an early episode of ‘American Idol,’ the singer said he always wanted to explore space, but his “brains were not astronaut material.” Don’t give up, Scotty — the Russians almost sent ‘N Sync‘s Lance Bass into space. Although, all of us wanted to send that boyband into space at one point…

6. He Didn’t Have to Go Back to School After ‘American Idol’

Multiple sources, including teachers, revealed that Scotty McCreery only needed one class to graduate after his junior year at Garner High School, and he could have taken it online if he wanted to. So why did he return for his senior year? Being around longtime friends and family keeps him humble, McCreery says. Plus, he didn’t want to miss out on senior year traditions like Friday night football and the homecoming dance.

5. He’s Competitive. Very Competitive.

Scotty McCreery‘s former baseball coach described a young man that few fans who’ve followed him since the early rounds of ‘American Idol’ are familiar with. His “competitive fire burns deep,” Garner High School’s Kurtis Pake told Taste of Country early this year. He described a time when McCreery pitched a complete game, but wouldn’t have given up the baseball if they’d tried to take it from him. The singer played it cool on stage during the television show, but one wonders how focused and driven he was to win big, rather than just finish with a nice consolation prize.

4. He’s a Dog Lover

Scotty McCreery grew up with dogs, and his parents still have two Bichon Frises at home. They’re named Junior and Becky, and McCreery has referred to them as “fou-fou” dogs and called them “weird.” Geesh, maybe he’s not so much of a dog lover after all.

3. Baseball Is in His Blood… Literally!

During a recent visit to the MLB studios, Scotty McCreery revealed that he’s not only a fan of baseball, but he’s got a legend on his family tree. Hall of Famer Jim “Catfish” Hunter was on his mother Judy’s side of the family. She says they’re distant cousins, but the ‘The Trouble With Girls’ singer quips, “I tell people we were closely related. He was my uncle.”

2. We Were Almost Cheering for Evan McCreery

Judy and Mike McCreery had a change of heart on the way to the hospital and decided to name their second child Scott Cooke McCreery instead of Evan. The name Evan doesn’t have the same wholesome, down-home ring to it that Scotty does, so we’ll stick with that. However, early ‘American Idol’ viewers may remember that he called himself ‘Scott’ during the auditions.

1. Scotty Has Had His Heart Broken

Shortly before Scotty McCreery won ‘American Idol,’ his longtime guitar teacher revealed that McCreery was a talented songwriter as well. “I heard him do one about a girl … that was about how she had broken his heart,” Gary Epperson told Taste of Country, “and the girl at the party [was] cryin’.” Be careful ladies, seems like there’s a little Taylor Swift inside this handsome hero.

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by Denny More posted Jul 22 2013 11:48AM

So you thought smartphones were the smallest computers? Think again.  

Introducing… The Medicine That Monitors You.

It’s not exactly a full-blown computer (just yet—you never know what the future holds). At the moment, this innovation, which comes in the form of a small oblong pill, is more like a ‘microscopic robot,’ according to Eric E. Schmidt, executive chairman of Google. That is, a microscopic robot which keeps track of your bodily functions and wirelessly transmits important data to your doctor.

The way these pills work is that they contain miniscule sensors and transmitters. Once you swallow them, they begin their work. They have been designed to be indigestible in order to maximize efficiency and function, so there’s no worry of them being eaten up by your insides—at $46 a pill, recycling is all the rage.

"Mr. More, we have your test results.  You're in great health except for one thing........we found a computer in your stomach!"

Photo Courtesy:  Youngzine

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by Denny More posted Jul 16 2013 4:19PM

Political correctness has not only taken away our freedom of speech, but it also now dictates what we may and may not laugh it.  I have many friends in the comedy business who have written jokes (pretty funny ones in my opinion), but who have chosen not to tell them in front of a live audience because they would be considered "politically incorrect"  So even comedians are walking on eggshells now, but getting back what we may or may not laugh at.....sorry, if someone strikes me funny, I'm busting out laughing.  

There was a tragic event last week in San Francisco.  Asiana Flight #214 crashed upon landing and some people were killed in the crash.  There's nothing funny about that, but what happened the next day is.  An intern with the National Transportation Safety Board told KTVU, a Bay Area  TV station that the names of the pilots of the plane were  "Sum Ting Wong," "Ho Lee Fuk," "Wi Tu Lo" and "Bang Ding Ow."  Obviously, these names were not real.  Or maybe it wasn't obvious because an anchorwoman for KTVU actually read the names on live TV apparently not realizing that the station was being punk'd.  Needless to say, the clip went viral in hours.  Politically incorrect?  Absolutely!  Racist:  Probably!  Hysterically funny?  YOU BET!!

Maybe it's my twisted sense of humor, but I've watched the clip no less than a dozen times, and every time I watch it, I laugh at out loud so hard, I have tears rolling down my face.  Do you think I'm insensitive for laughing at it as I do?  Well, sorry.

Some post-scripts to the story:  The NTSB announced the intern has been fired. How do you fire an intern?  Firing a kid from a job he's not being paid for..........that'll teach him.

Also Asiana Airlines announced  they plan to sue KTVU citing that the reputation of the pilots and the company had been "seriously damaged" by the report.  Maybe it's me, but I think the fact that they crashed their plane is MORE damaging to their reputation. 

If by chance you haven't seen the clip, here's the link.

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by Braden posted Jul 15 2013 6:55PM
In case you missed the video circulating over the weekend, or you missed the news coverage, then you missed a really sweet story.

Our local firefighter heroes from Stafford and Quantico came to the rescue of a mother duck and her ducklings that we caught in I-95 traffic. The crews were leaving the scene of an accident when they stumbled upon the stranded fowl. The incident happened shortly after 7pm this past Friday night. Firefighters shut down 2 lanes of 95 South and walked over a mile to get the flock to safety.

Here is the video:

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by Braden posted Jul 12 2013 4:49PM
If you are planning to travel I-95 South tonight in Prince William county, get ready for some large delays. Starting at 9:30pm tonight (Friday, July 12), VDOT will being closing lanes of 95 South at Rt. 2314 Dumfries as work continues on the new 95 Express Lanes project.

Lanes will start closing at 9:30pm with all lanes completely shutdown by 1:00am. Lanes are expected to reopen at 4:00am. The same scenario will happen again tomorrow night (Saturday, July 13) will lanes reopening at 5:00am on Sunday.

All traffic will be detoured off of I-95 South at Dumfries, Rt. 234 East. From there, traffic will go over to US 1 South, then onto Joplin Road Westbound to rejoin I-95 South.

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by Denny More posted Jul 9 2013 7:03PM
Oh, joy of joys!  Oh, dream of dreams!  Twinkies will be back on the shelves this Monday, July 15.  Actually, really, I never liked Twinkies, even as a kid.  There were a couple of reason for this.  Number one:  I don't eat anything I can't identify.  I mean what exactly IS a Twinkie?  What's that spongy material it's made of.....and what's that gooey cream on the inside?  Forget about it.  The other thing that always turned me off of Twinkies was this story going around that they have a shelf-life of 37 years.  It turns out that is not true.  It's an urban legend.  However, it IS true that the shelf-life of Twinkies is 26 days.  Well, that was the shelf-life of the old Twinkies.  The new Twinkies coming out next week have a shelf-life of 45 days.

Even though I don't eat Twinkies, I plan on buying some up anyway.  They make great paperweights and door-stops.  I think you should also have these on hands as weapons in case someone breaks into our house, you can hurl one of these at them and if you hit them in the head, you'll render them unconscious

Anyway, for those of you who enjoy these things, get ready to go to it.

By the way,  they're also bringing back Ho-Ho's............and no, I'm not talking about the Kardashian Sisters.

by Braden posted Jul 8 2013 5:14PM
Country singer Randy Travis has been admitted to a Texas hospital and is listed in critical condition.  The Grammy winner is suffering from complications of recently acquired viral cardiomyopathy.  Travis was admitted into the medical facility yesterday.

Randy Travis is best known for "Three Wooden Crosses," "Forever and Ever, Amen," "Diggin' Up Bones," and "Deeper Than the Holler”.

Source: Webster PR
by Braden posted Jul 5 2013 6:48PM
Moore, OK area native Toby Keith has assembled an all-star line up for his Oklahoma Tornado Benefit concert this weekend.

Toby and a host of superstars to perform July 6 in OKC Tickets for Toby's Oklahoma Twister Relief Concert on July 6 at the Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium will go on sale at 10 am CDT SHARP on Friday, June 21.

In addition to Toby Keith, artists performing include Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, Trisha Yearwood, Ronnie Dunn, Sammy Hagar, Mel Tillis, and John Anderson. Doors open at 1:30 pm CDT on July 6 and the concert will begin promptly at 3pm CDT. This is a not to miss event! To order tickets, go to, or call 1-800-745-3000. There is an 8 ticket limit and tickets are $ 25.00 each.

If you are unable to attend the concert but would like to contribute towards the Oklahoma Tornadoes Relief Fund, you have three options:

1. Give online to the May Tornadoes Relief Fund located on the United Way home page at

2. Give by credit card - call 405-523-3598, 405-523-3597, or United Way Central Oklahoma's main number: 405-236-8441

3. Give by mailing a check to United Way of Central Oklahoma, P.O. Box 837, Oklahoma City, OK 73101 with notation for May Tornadoes Relief. - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |

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by Denny More posted Jul 5 2013 4:29PM
An Italian neuroscientist claims he is ‘laying the groundwork’ for the first full human head transplant.

Dr. Sergio Canavero of the University of Turin believes advancing cell technology makes reconnecting the spinal cords possible, the breakthrough to a ‘successful’ transplant.

Dr Canavero’s paper, published in the open access journal Surgical Neurology International,  outlines a plan to cool the subjects’ head and spine then use clean cuts to severe the two spinal cords and drain the transplanted head of blood.

The two spinal cords would then be fused with an inorganic polymer glue and the heart of donor body ‘restarted’.

Doctors would have just one hour to reconnect the donor head, so that the brain is not starved of oxygen.

"It is my contention that the technology only now exists for such linkage". he writes.

So, who wants to go first??!

I guess, overall, it would be better than replacing each individual part like they did with Joan Rivers.


Photo courtesy of IMDb

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