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by Braden posted Jun 28 2013 11:23AM
Planning a beach vacation this summer? If you are headed to Ocean City, Maryland then this is your summer. The 'Natural Resources Defense Council" has realeased their 23rd annual beach water quality report, and Ocean City is #2 on the cleanest beaches!''

Here is the complete story >> CLICK HERE

And here is where you can seach other beaches throughout the country >> CLICK HERE

Photo courtesty of: Ocean City, MD - The Official Page
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by Braden posted Jun 21 2013 12:08PM
You've seen him on tv, you've heard his famous tag line, now it looks like Men's Warhouse founder and spokesman George Zimmer is out of a job! Here is the story from ABC's "Good Morning America." But don't feel too sorry forGeorge, pay attention to the very last part of the story.

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by Braden posted Jun 20 2013 2:57PM
Anyone who works in radio wears multiple hats. So beyond entertaining you on the ride home every afternoon, I am also the geeky guy who does all the website stuff. Some of it can be kinda boring, but launch a new site is pretty cool. It was a lot of work from a bunch of people, but the all-new is here!

Some things that are new on this site are that we finally have all the most important information right at your fingertips! Every page you need is on the navigation bar near the top, all our current contest and events are on the rotating image, under that is other important on-going station features, scroll down a little bit and you will find our DJ blogs, concerts, featured music videos, and the latest sports and CMT news. Plus on every page you will find our Community Calendar, facebook and twitter feeds. Oh and don't forget about listening online... the link to listen via the web is at the top of every page and you can find out what song is playing now near the top of the homepage.

Ok, so you saying "well most that stuff was on the old website, why is this one so special?" Well... here's why: This site is called a responsive site. That means that no matter what kind of device you load our page on (tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop), you will see a site that is customized for optimum viewing. No more scrolling left and right because the page is too big for the screen. Our new website custom adjusts to whatever device you are using. And, all the content is the same on every version. So what you see on your iPad will be the same stuff you see on your laptop. Pretty cool, huh?

Hope you like the new look and keep checking back and we continue to build more cool stuff into the site for you. Happy surfing! -B
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