by Braden posted Feb 4 2014 3:18PM
An ABC reporter went from reporting the news to being the news! Josh Taylor was working on a story about rental fraud for WWSB in Florida. But when he tried to confront a woman at a property in Siesta Key, she ended up stealing his car! When the woman, later identified as Jean Price, first spotted Taylor, she ran outside and tried to grab his camera. She demanded he leave, and when he refused, she hopped in his car and drove away! The whole thing was caught on tape and Price was charged with grand theft auto. Guess you can say she really stole the show! By the way, the media is allowed on public streets.

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by Braden posted Jan 16 2014 3:31PM
Living a clean life just isn’t for him. An 80-year-old Iranian man has gone 60 years without bathing!

Amou Haji believes cleaning himself will bring sickness, so he forgoes soap and water. His eccentricities don’t end there! Haji’s favorite food is rotten porcupine and he enjoys smoking a pipe packed with animal feces. He wears rags for clothes and, in the winter, a war helmet to keep warm. When he needs to trim his hair, he burns it in fire. But while it may seem strange – and profoundly unhygienic - Haji says he’s happy with his lifestyle, so who are we to judge? We just wouldn’t want to smell him!

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