Denny More

Birth Date: August 4 (I share a birthday with President OH-bama), 1953

Hometown: South Brunswick, New Jersey
Favorite Country Group: (Do you really have to ask?)  The Band Perry
Favorite TV Show: Bar Rescue
Favorite Food:  Watermelon (I’m not kidding) 
Favorite Place To Hang Out: The Jersey Shore
Best Thing About The Fredericksburg Area:  The People 
My Secret Talent:  I can touch the top of my head with my tongue.  (Not really, but I tell women that all the time)
One Thing You Don't Know About Me:  (Well, some of you do)  I’ve made not one, but two appearances on The Jerry Springer Show. 
How I Got Into Radio:  I didn’t go to college because my parents couldn’t afford it.  Instead, I worked myself through broadcasting school in New York City.  My first radio job was at WPAX in Thomasville, Georgia. 
What I'd Be Doing If I Wasn't On Thunder: I’d be saying things like “Would you like fries with that?”
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