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August 19, 2014.....Looking for a ritual/practice........

1.  It first gained prominence in th very early 19th century.

2.  It's dangerous stuff.  People involved with it have been killed.

3.  Because there are laws against it in most states, it's usually practiced "underground" or "under the radar" , in private homes, converted building, etc.

Answer:  Religious Snake Handling

August 18, 2014....Looking for an actress.....

1.  She is probably best known for her regular role in a popular cable TV series.  She's been nominated for an EMMY Award more than once, but has never won.

2.  Before making it in show business, she worked as a waitress, a TV reporter, a telephone operator and a personal assistance.

3.  She recently married into politics.

Cheryl Hines

She plays Larry David's wife on HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm".

At one point, she was a personal assistant to Rob Reiner.

On August 2, she married Robert Kennedy Jr.

August 15, 2015......Looking for something you wear......

1.  You wouldn't wear one of these unless you're involved in a particular occupation.

2.  The first person to wear one did so in the early 1960s.

3.  You're not likely to win any fashion awards while wearing one.

Answer:  Space Suit

The first space suit worn by a human in space was the Soviet SK-1 suit worn by Yuri Gagarin in 1961.

August 14, 2014.....Looking for a device.......

1.  It's one of those "As Seen On TV" devices.

2.  Like many of those types of products, it's popularity has waxed and waned over the years.

3.  Entertainment Weekly once described it as "the biggest piece of crap sold on TV".

Answer:  The Bedazzler

August 13, 2014......Looking for a crime.....

1.  You're familiar with the crime known as the "world's oldest profession".  Well, some people refer to this crime as the "world's SECOND oldest profession".

2.  "Shaving" is a term used in connection with this crime.

3.  In this country, if you're found guilty of it, you could face up to 15 years in federal prison.

Answer:  Counterfeiting

August 12, 2014......Looking for a sports figure.....

1.  Some might question as to whether or not he actually is a sports figure.

2.  Aside from being a sports figure, he's also an actor and rapper.

3.  He works with Paul Hayman.

Answer:  John Cena

August 11, 2014........Looking for a form of entertainment.....

1.  This form of entertainment dates backs to the 13th century.

2.  It is a form of entertainment that is seen mainly on the streets.

3.  It could be the ultimate in multi-tasking.

Answer:  One-Man Band

August 6, 2014......Looking for an actress......

1.  She smokes. She has breat implants and multiple tattoos.

2.  She began her career as a child star in a popular sitcom in the 80s.

3.  She is an avid supporter and spokesperson for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Answer:  Alyssa Milano

She got her start in the ABC sitcom series "Who's The Boss?" (1984)

August 5, 2014.......Looking for an actress........

1.  This film and television actress got her start in a television series on Nickelodeon.

2.  Her childhood was plagued with many severe health problems.

3.  With all that behind her, she has made Maxim's "Hot 100" list and also TV Guide's list of the "50 Sexiest Stars Of All Time".

Answer:  Jessica Alba

She began her television career at age 13 in Nickelodean's "The Secret World Of Alex Mack"(1994).

During childhood, she suffered from partially collapsed lungs, had pneumonia four to five times a year, as well as a ruptured appendix.


August 4, 2014......Looking for a historical figure....

1.  He was the first person to do what he did.

2.  Many people told him that if he succeeded at it, he'd be killed.  He wasn't.

3.  He made a cameo appearance in a very well-known film in the mid-1980s.

Answer:  Chuck Yeager

He was the first man to break the sound barrier.

Yeager made a cameo appearance in the movie "The Right Stuff" (1983)

August 1, 2014........Looking for an event.......

1.  This man-made event is held once a year.......always in the same location.......and always in the summer.

2.  It's been held every year since it began in the late 1930s...except 1942.

3.  One year, the COPS TV series attended the event to tape some segments.

Answer:  The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The Stugis Rally has been held every year since 1938 except in 1942.  The event was not held that year because of gasoline rationing (brought on by World War II).

July 31, 2014......Looking for a device......

1.  You might have one in your house, but more likely, you would find one in your workplace.

2.  You might be amazed to learn that early experimentation on these devices began in the mid-1800s.

3.  These days, these devices are quickly becoming obsolete.

Answer:  Fax Machine

Scottish inventor Alexander Bain worked on chemical mechanical fax type devices and in 1846, was able to reproduce graphic signs in laboratory experiments.

The Pantelegraph was invented by the Italian physicist Giovanni Caselli.  He introduced the first commercial telefax service between Paris and Lyon in 1865, some 11 years before the invention of telephones.

July 25, 2014.........Looking for a device.........

1.  You wouldn't own one of these.  When you need one, you borrow it.

2.  Generally, in this country, you can borrow one for free.  In Europe, you pay to borrow one.

3.  They're generally made of plastic or metal and the CDC tells us they are loaded with bacteria.

Answer:  Shopping Cart

July 24, 2014....................Looking for a form of entertainment......

1.  This form of entertainment got started in the mid-1930s.

2.  It died almost completely in the 70s.

3.  ...and then revamped and modernized, it made a comeback in the 80s.

Answer:  Singing Telegrams

July 23, 2014......Looking for a famous line from a classic movie......

1.  The line we're looking for came from a blockbuster, multiple Academy Award-winning movie that came out in the mid-70s.  

2.  The line came from a movie shot almost entirely in Massachusetts.

3.  The line might be recited by someone who has taken on a job that is going to be a little more difficult than they originally thought.

Answer:  "You're gonna need a bigger boat."

...spoken by Roy Scheider as police chief Martin Brody in the movie "Jaws".

July 22, 2014.....Looking for a business......

1.  They got their start in Florida in the early 1980s.

2.  According to company stats, the average person who patronizes this company spends about $15.00 per visit.

3.  They have over 800 locations globally.  We have one here in Fredericksburg.

Answer:  Olive Garden

July 16, 2014.........Looking for a historical event........

1.  It occurred in the 60s.

2.  It lasted for almost 2 weeks.

3.  Many feared that it had the potential to set off World War III.

Answer;  The Cuban Missile Crisis

June 26, 2014......Looking for a singer...

1.  He's not country and despite the fact that this New Jersey boy hasn't had a hit in decades, he is hugely popular....maybe more so today than he's ever been.

2.  His name is mentioned in the movie "Goodfellas".

3.  You will find him, along with the other original members of his group in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Answer:  Frankie Valli

June 25, 2014.......Looking for a singer/songwriter/actress/TV personality......

1.  This Emmy-winner was not born in this country.  She's British.

2.  By just about everyone's evaluation, she comes from a dysfunctional family.

3.  Over the course of the past decade, she's undergone a major make-over.

Answer:  Kelly Osbourne

Kelly, along with her family, The Osbournes, won a 2002 Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality Program.

June 23, 2014........Looking for a sports figure.........

1.  He was in eighth grade when he made the decision to pursue a professional career in his sport of choice.

2.  He is known by a 5-letter nickname.

3.  In the late 90s, he had his ownTV talk show.  It lasted less than 90 days.

Answer:  Earvin "Magic" Johnson

June 20, 2014........Looking for a cable TV show.......

1.  It's been on the air for almost 5 years.

2.  It is the highest-rated show in the history of the cable network it is shown on.

3.) Some people who make or have made appearances on the show include Carl Reiner, Jennier Love Hewett, Joe Jonas, Huey Lewis, Susan Lucci, Heather Locklear and Jon Lovitz.

Answer:  Hot In Cleveland

It premiered on TV Land on June 16, 2010

June 10, 2014.........Looking for a landmark......

1.  You will find it in the northwestern part of our country.

2.  Originally, it shared a name with our traffic guy.

3.  There is some controversy over the name we know it by today.  Some say the name is French in origin.  Others say it was named after a tribe of Native Americans.

Answer:  Grand Teton (the highest mountain in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming)

In 1870, it was originally known as "Mount Hayden".

In 1929, the name was changed to Grand Teton.  Some believe they named it "Grand Teton" because that means "large teat" in French.  Others say it was named after the Teton Sioux tribe of Native Americans.

June 3, 2014..........Looking for a business.......

1.  Despite their theme, the first one opened in the early 90s in the state of Kentucky, where they are still headquartered today.

2.  A little under 5 years ago, for the first time, they went international and opened a location in Dubai.

3.  We have one here in Fredericksburg.

Answer:  Texas Roadhouse

May 19, 2014.......Looking for a comedian/actress........

1.  She is probably best known for being a cast member on a very popular comedy shows.

2.  Although she hasn't been on that show for several years, she did participate in a reunion special a little under five years ago.

3.  She is also an accomplished impressionist capable of doing some hilarious impersonations of Angelina Jolle, Brooke shields, Donatella Versace, Monica Lewinsky, Liza Minnelli and Madonna, to name a few.

Answer: Molly Shannon

She was a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1995 to 2001.

She returned to Saturday Night Live for a special Mother's Day episode on May 8, 2010 and also in October, 2010 for the reunion special "Women Of SNL".

April 23, 2014........Looking for a device.......

1.  There seems to be some dispute as to when this device was invented.  Some say it was in 1950, but others say it was actually invented in the 1920s.

2.  These days, this device is eityher gas or electric powered.

3.  If not used properly, this device can cause more harm than good.

Answer:  Power Washer (or pressure washer)

The hot-water pressure washer was invented by Alfred Karcher in 1950, but Frank Ofeldt claimed to have invented the steam pressure washer or "high-pressure Jenny" in 1927.

April 9, 2014......Looking for a TV personality......

1.  He served in the United States Marine Corp, after which, he made quite a name for himself in the world of stand-up comedy.

2.  Before being discovered by Johnny Carson, he worked as a bank teller and was a waiter at a Denny's at one point.

3.  Although his weight was a comedic topic throughout his career, it resulted in him undergoing a coronary angioplasty a little over 10 years ago.

Answer:  Drew Carey

July 31, 2013........Looking for an organization........

1.  This international organization got it's start in the late 1940s and is headquartered in Switzerland.

2.  This organization employs about 8,500 people in almost 150 different countries.  You cannot work for them if you smoke.

3.  They are financed by member countries (we're one of them) and also by privare donors.  Last year, the United States contributed $110 million.

Answer:  WHO - World Health Organization

November 19, 2013....Looking for an actress......

1.  She's a vegetarian, but she is also a heavy smoker.

2.  She's left-handed, but learned to write with her right hand in order to accurately portray one of her most famous roles, which won her an Oscar.

3.  At one point, she was one of THEE top-earning actresses.  Her current net worth is estimated to be almost $150 million.

Answer:  Julia Roberts

She learned to write right-handed in order to portray Erin Brockovich.

September 27, 2013........Looking for something we eat......

1.  Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT Spanish in origin.  It's Arabic in origin.

2.  Obviously, you can eat it anytime, but you would probably be more likely to eat it in hotter weather.

3.  When it comes to the recipe, there are probably 100 variations.

Answer:  Gazpacho
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