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October 30, 2014..........Looking for a political figure........

1.  Aside from his political career, he also has his own radio show.

2.  But before politics and radio, he was famous for something else.

3.  He has had ongoing feuds with several conservative talk show hosts.

Answer:  Al Franken (United States Senator from Minnesota)

Before politics, he was a writer and performer on Saturday Night Live for about 20 years.

He hosts a radio show on "Air America".

October 13, 2014......Looking for a classic country song.........

1.  It  came out in the early 60s.

2.  The person who made it a hit is not the original person to record it.

3.  For the person who did make it a hit, it was the biggest of his career.

Answer:  Ring Of Fire

The song was originally recorded by June Carter's sister, Anita Carter.  After hearing Anita's version, Johnny Cash claimed he had a dream in which he heard the song accompanied by "Mexican horns".  He told Anita, "I'll give you about five or six months, and if you don't hit with that song, I'm gonna record it the way I feel it".  When the song failed to become a major hit for Anita, Cash recorded it his way, adding the mariachi-style horns.
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