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A little about me... I grew up in Maryland, so bring on the crab cakes and football anytime! GO RAVENS! I started in broadcasting when I was in high school. But I didn't start out in radio... my first broadcasting job was as a weatherman on a local cable station. I spent almost 5 years bouncing around to a couple tv stations, and it eventually landed me in Fredericksburg. I was even offered a job one time at a CBS station! I always had a passion for weather, so it was a great career for me. I was one of the National Weather Service's youngest weather spotters and members of their Storm Survey Team. I studied Broadcast Meterology at Mississippi State University. So how did I get into radio? I started working part-time at Thunder 104.5 on the weekends when I moved to Fredericksburg. When I had a chance to make it a full-time career, I couldn't pass it up! My radio journey has been more fun than I ever imagined. And I have had the chance to do some amazing things and meet some amazing people. And it only keeps getting better!

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The Real Life Siri

by Braden posted Sep 18 2013 1:35PM
I am an Apple geek. I have Mac computers, an iPad, iPod, and working on getting an iPhone (still stuck with my droid). I admit that I belong at Apple-holics Anonymous. But I never took a moment to think about who or what was the force behind the Siri voice. The always attentive digital friend that is there when you need to find directions to your favorite restaurant or ponder the meaning of life. (Never asked Siri about the meaning of life?... do it!)

Much to my amazement, Siri is a real person and not just a computer generated voice. Let me introduce you to Allison Duffy, or as you may know her, Siri.

(Skip ahead to about the 3 min mark)

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09/18/2013 1:44PM
The Real Life Siri
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09/24/2013 10:06PM
who cares?
01/10/2014 7:06AM
i'm Siri!??
I googled myself to find that I'm the voice behind Siri! How I wish that were true! :( I could really use the kick back. Hey...does it count that I did the voice overs at an old job?If you'd call the florist and you were put on hold you wouldhear me! Well any who have a great day kind sir! Sincerely, The other "Allison Duffy" ;)
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