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Nashville News - Wednesday, January 22nd

by Christal Blue posted Jan 22 2014 9:49AM
Ever since Garth Brooks made the announcement that he would return for a worldwide tour later this year, fans have been eager to find out where that tour would bring him. Now, the first part of that puzzle has been revealed as Garth recently appeared in Dublin, Ireland to announce that he would return to the country to give a very special performance. Brooks stood in the city's Croke Park, the site of his now legendary sell out concerts in 1997, and announced that he would be returning to that very same venue in July of this year for two very special performances. The shows, dubbed The Garth Brooks Comeback Special Event, will take place on July 25 and 26 and tickets will go on sale beginning January 30.

Carrie Underwood is joining the beauty products company Almay as their Global Brand Ambassador. As the new face and voice of Almay, Carrie will represent the full range of their beauty products, including the newest 2014 launches. She will also appear in global, multimedia campaigns crossing television, print, in-store, digital and social platforms. Carrie says that she's very impressed with Almay's range of products, which she uses in her daily life and professionally. Her first campaign with the company will debut this week and exclusive behind-the-scenes content from her campaigns will be available on and Almay's social media channels throughout her partnership with company.  (Photo courtesy of

At the age of just 24-years-old, Taylor Swift has already sold millions of records and become a household name around the world. But even while Swift is the focus of such international spotlight, she always stays true to herself and never lets the fame go to her head. Taylor tells Variety she has lot of goals, and one of them is to know when to stop.  And with so many different paths still left for Taylor to follow in her career and her life, she hopes to remain cognizant of who she is and why she does what she does.

Reba has achieved so much in her career, but the albums sold and the awards she's won aren't the only things she's proud of; she also has her health. At the age of 58, Reba seems to be in the best shape of her life, and she credits having a good diet and exercise routine as the key factors in maintaining her vigor. Reba tells Parade that she exercises at least five times a week with stretching, Pilates, push-ups, planks, sit- ups, squats and light weights. But even when she doesn't hit the gym, Reba knows how to treat herself right. She says she take lots of vacations, she stays away from drama and stress. And if there was one unhealthy habit Reba had to cut back on, she says it would probably be her consumption of alcohol. She admits she loves a good Crown and 7.
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01/22/2014 9:49AM
Nashville News - Wednesday, January 22nd
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December 10, 2014...........Looking for a singer/songwriter/musician.....

1.  This Virginia boy is not country and has won numerous Grammy Awards.

2.  A few years ago, he wrote the soundtrack to a popular animated film.

3.  He recently came under some fire after making controversial remarks about the Ferguson, Missouri incident.

Answer:  Pharrell Williams

In July, 2010, William's composed the soundtrack to the movie "Despicable Me".

Regarding the Ferguson,Missouri incident, Williams told Ebony Magazine that Michael Brown's actions inside a convenience store, and caught on video, show a teenager without respect for authority.

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