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He Said WHAT?? Listener E-mail - I BET you won't play Marty Stuart!!

by Christal Blue posted Jan 16 2014 7:20AM
Here's the WHOLE E-mail!  This guy is IN FOR IT!  

My coworker Mike and others at my work listen to your show every morning. I don't care for it. Too much talk and I don't like the music played. I like some old school artists which you guys never play, let alone in the morning. I complain all the time but have no control over the stereo at work. I complained again this morning. One of the old school artists I mentioned, Mike swears you would play. I hear your show/station enough to know you never play this artist. He actually thinks you would. Our argument has led to a big bet thought up and egged on by our coworkers. I have been dared to take this bet and send the request. I say GAME ON! Prepare to be stumped. Here is the bet.
I'm requesting you to play an entire song by Marty Stuart during your show tomorrow (Thursday.) Good luck with this!
Here are the terms. If you don't play an entire song by Marty on the show tomorrow, Mike will have to do the following:
1. Dress in full drag to our work's big party in February. 2. Mike will have to buy and wear the entire outfit that I pick for him. 3. Mike spends the entire party dressed in drag. 4. Best of all, I get full control over the stereo at work!
If you actually do play Marty during you show tomorrow I agree to the following as thought up by my coworkers: 1. I will dress in full drag to any event of your station. You pick it. 2. I will buy and wear the entire outfit that you pick for me. 3. I spend the entire event you pick dressed in drag. 4. You can take pictures and video of me and post on any sites you choose.
Also, the loser has to get their legs waxed prior to going in drag. I have even agreed to get my legs waxed live on your show if I lose! But, I won't!
GAME ON! I'm sending this to Mike as well so he knows I took the bet and sent the request. You can go ahead and tell him that he loses. I have stumped the Morning Show Top 40 Country DJ!
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01/16/2014 5:16AM
He Said WHAT?? Listener E-mail - I BET you won't play Marty Stuart!!
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