Country On Demand

Thunder 104.5's "Country on Demand" is 100% user controlled radio! You vote for and choose every song we play weekdays and Saturday from 7pm-Midnight.

Country is Demand is powered by the Jelli Radio system. Our playlist is controlled by the community’s voting, rocketing and bombing. The tracks with the highest scores will make it on the air.

If you like what you’re hearing, support that track by hitting the “Rocks” button. If you’re not a fan, click “Sucks” - and if enough Thunder listeners hate it too, it’ll get pulled right off the air.

The playlist is determined by how the community scores each track. If you want to hear something, vote for it! Or vote against a track to try to keep it off the air. You can cast your vote anywhere you see a track.

Country on Demand / Jelli Power-Ups give you even more power over what could play next. Rocket a track to the top, or bomb something you don’t like, and send it right to the bottom of the list. Open up the power panel from any track to access your power-ups… and you’ll be awarded more power-ups every day you play.

And there is so much more you can do with our Country on Demand! Send messages to other Thunder and Jelli Radio users and chat about what’s on the air. Search for tracks and artists you want to hear. And even look up other users and check out their profiles.
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