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Christal's Country News - Friday, May 2nd

by Christal Blue posted May 2 2014 9:32AM
The guys from Florida Georgia Line say they would love to collaborate with friend Taylor Swift on her next album, but not necessarily with fellow Tennessee resident Miley CyrusBrian Kelley tells The Huffington Post, "No, not Miley. You never know. I know Taylor’s got an album coming out pretty soon and she’d be amazing to collaborate with. She already has some really good collaborations, so you can’t go wrong with her. For us, country wise, Ronnie Dunn and Garth Brooks would be at the top of our list”.

One Brad Paisley fan in Phoenix, Arizona got quite a surprise when his idol invited him to a show during a school assembly. It all started when a Physical Education teacher sent a video to a local radio station introducing special education student Bailey as a huge Paisley fan. The station contacted Brad and his reaction was to send a video to Bailey that was played in a school assembly inviting Bailey to a show. Paisley said in the video, "I watched the video of you singing my songs and I heard all about you and I can't wait to meet you." He then invited Bailey to his July 13 show to "hang out" and sing in person.

Toby Keith is holding a contest for one lucky fan to take a drink of his Wild Shot Mezcal with Toby himself. The "Drinks After Work" Sweepstakes - named for his current album - offers winners a one-of-a-kind experience with Keith later this year. Fans 21-and-over can enter once-per-day from now to Aug. 31 by registering at No purchase is necessary. Five grand-prize winners and a guest get to have "Drinks After Work" with Toby at one of the Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill locations. The contest was inspired by one fan who at his charity golf tournament last year, paid $4,000 to take a shot of Toby's signature Wild Shot Mezcal with its namesake. Twice! (Photo Credit:

CARRIE UNDERWOOD is writing music for her next album, which means it's time for her husbandMIKE FISHER to get lost.  He says, quote, "I stay out of her way.  I go golfing or go fishing or something."  He's not exaggerating.  Carrie adds, quote, "He stays away.  That whole creative process is such a weird thing . . . I go in and I'm, like, caffeinated.  I get jacked up on caffeine, and then I come home and crash."  Other than the "leave me alone when I'm writing" thing, Carrie and Mike seem to get along pretty well.  In fact, they were asked what ONE thing causes the most conflict in their marriage.  She said, quote, "Well, I'm an animal lover and he's a hunter."  But at least they were able to come to a compromise.  Mike's only allowed to eat meat that he kills.
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05/02/2014 9:32AM
Christal's Country News - Friday, May 2nd
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