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10 Things About Scotty

by Braden posted Jul 22 2013 4:56PM
We keep the music going this week at Celebrate Virginia Live with Scotty McCreery on Friday night, July 26th. So as we gear up for Scotty, I thought it would be fun to discover "10 Things We Didn't Know About Scotty McCreery." Here is some fun facts with help from our friends at

10. Music Isn’t His College Major

At one point, Scotty McCreery indicated that he might major in engineering at N.C. State University, but the singer instead decided to focus on communications and public relations, two areas of study that will help his career as a country music star. McCreery decorated his new off-campus house with a big deer head (a friend’s) and he says he uses a ‘Rocky’ poster to inspire him when he’s down.

9. His Funny Microphone Grip Comes From the Baseball Diamond

How could we forget Scotty McCreery‘s flute-like microphone grip from the early rounds of ‘American Idol’? A choir director of his suggested his strange hold was because he always sang into a crooked neck microphone, but the 19-year-old says it isn’t that simple. “I don’t know what the heck that was,” McCreery tells the Boston Globe. “I think it’s just because I’m used to pitching, and that’s how I hold the ball in the glove with the limp wrist in the glove. I never held a mic before ‘American Idol.’”

8. The Cross Isn’t His Only Important Piece of Jewelry

The cross around Scotty McCreery‘s neck has become more famous than the bracelet around his wrist, maybe because it was the necklace he turned to after Lady Gaga gave him sensational advice on ‘American Idol.’ However, the words ‘I am second’ — a deference to God — are scrolled into his wrist-wear.

7. He Wanted to Be an Astronaut

Perhaps Scotty McCreery considered the engineering program at N.C. State University because he hadn’t given up on his space dreams. In an early episode of ‘American Idol,’ the singer said he always wanted to explore space, but his “brains were not astronaut material.” Don’t give up, Scotty — the Russians almost sent ‘N Sync‘s Lance Bass into space. Although, all of us wanted to send that boyband into space at one point…

6. He Didn’t Have to Go Back to School After ‘American Idol’

Multiple sources, including teachers, revealed that Scotty McCreery only needed one class to graduate after his junior year at Garner High School, and he could have taken it online if he wanted to. So why did he return for his senior year? Being around longtime friends and family keeps him humble, McCreery says. Plus, he didn’t want to miss out on senior year traditions like Friday night football and the homecoming dance.

5. He’s Competitive. Very Competitive.

Scotty McCreery‘s former baseball coach described a young man that few fans who’ve followed him since the early rounds of ‘American Idol’ are familiar with. His “competitive fire burns deep,” Garner High School’s Kurtis Pake told Taste of Country early this year. He described a time when McCreery pitched a complete game, but wouldn’t have given up the baseball if they’d tried to take it from him. The singer played it cool on stage during the television show, but one wonders how focused and driven he was to win big, rather than just finish with a nice consolation prize.

4. He’s a Dog Lover

Scotty McCreery grew up with dogs, and his parents still have two Bichon Frises at home. They’re named Junior and Becky, and McCreery has referred to them as “fou-fou” dogs and called them “weird.” Geesh, maybe he’s not so much of a dog lover after all.

3. Baseball Is in His Blood… Literally!

During a recent visit to the MLB studios, Scotty McCreery revealed that he’s not only a fan of baseball, but he’s got a legend on his family tree. Hall of Famer Jim “Catfish” Hunter was on his mother Judy’s side of the family. She says they’re distant cousins, but the ‘The Trouble With Girls’ singer quips, “I tell people we were closely related. He was my uncle.”

2. We Were Almost Cheering for Evan McCreery

Judy and Mike McCreery had a change of heart on the way to the hospital and decided to name their second child Scott Cooke McCreery instead of Evan. The name Evan doesn’t have the same wholesome, down-home ring to it that Scotty does, so we’ll stick with that. However, early ‘American Idol’ viewers may remember that he called himself ‘Scott’ during the auditions.

1. Scotty Has Had His Heart Broken

Shortly before Scotty McCreery won ‘American Idol,’ his longtime guitar teacher revealed that McCreery was a talented songwriter as well. “I heard him do one about a girl … that was about how she had broken his heart,” Gary Epperson told Taste of Country, “and the girl at the party [was] cryin’.” Be careful ladies, seems like there’s a little Taylor Swift inside this handsome hero.

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10 Things About Scotty
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